I just got a few new pieces in for working out and/or lounging around. Because really, they’re interchangeable, right? 😉 Right. Which is your favorite?


Can we talk about the fact that I have NEVER owned anything from Athleta before?! I KNOW. I’m shocked too. Because I’m in looooove! And dare I say it, the first pair of leggings here are my NEW FAVORITES. EVER. Even better than Lululemon Aligns. Which is saying something! I love my Aligns, but these are the same buttery soft fabric, only slightly thicker (the Align’s are just a little too thin to workout in, in my opinion) and a bit more compression for the tummy. AND! They have pockets! Okay. So if you’re in the market for great leggings to both lounge in AND workout in, I highly recommend these. True to size. I got the small tall (and I’m 5’9″ with long legs, fyi).

Same buttery soft material as the other tights, but the waist isn’t quite as high. I also didn’t get the tall length in these and wish I had- I feel they hit at an awkward spot. Would be fine if you aren’t tall, but if you are, I’d recommend getting tall length! Love this grey color!

The bras are so good too! Super soft and comfy. I’m still nursing so I’m going to be waiting on wearing these (still swear by my Amazon nursing bras for now!) but I’ll be sporting these when I’m done nursing!

This cute little tank is SO SOFT. Sleep in it, lounge in it, pair it with jeans in the spring/summer, workout in it. Literally gonna live in it, and I think I need more colors! I got the medium, and I’m between a small and medium. I like the looser fit!

These Adidas Cloudfoams are SO comfortable! AND they’re still on mega sale- just $35!?!?!? No idea why but I’d snag these quick if you haven’t yet! They’re so good. Also come in black. Get free shipping by entering your email and joining the Creator Club (free to join)!

HOW fun are these leopard leggings?! The same as my fave Lululemon dupes, only leopard. And the waist cuts in at a point which I think is really cute and flattering. I love these! Definitely a lounge around the house pair- wouldn’t recommend for working out (they’re thin!) although they do pass the squat test! I just like more compression for workouts, personal preference!

I also grabbed this new pair of Zella leggings– love the fun color! Kind of a grey/blue/greenish hue, so pretty! They fit really nice and feel soft and have some compression, but nothing crazy! Gonna love these for workouts! Stick to your regular size.

And that’s all I got! See my try on videos in my stories- saved to my highlights under “Athleisure.”


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