Super Future & Wreckno Discuss Their ‘Hypernatural’ Self-Expression Breakthrough [INTERVIEW]




Once upon a time, two rising producers by the names of Super Future and Wreckno got together and dreamed up a vibrant, collaborative concept called Hypernatural. Ideas fluttered about in their heads and soon came a distinct sound, then a full-on tour — and now, we’d consider Hypernatural its own damn movement.

Busy as they may be taking the bass music world by storm, we caught up with Super Future and Wreckno to get the scoop on their much hyped about Hypernatural project and what it means to them. This is as wholesome as it gets, because these real-life besties are devoted to bringing you that heavy shit just how you like it.

Hypernatural started as a spark of an idea (on acid)…

For me, Hypernatural as a theme has been evolving for me. At first it was an idea that didn’t have a name that I received at Electric Forest deep into an acid trip at an Ekali set. Some visuals I was seeing were ranging from animal fur, to butterfly wings, to vibrant reptile scales and feathers… but all colored like a dope Lisa Frank book… — Super Future

And evolved into something bigger than itself…

Hypernatural to me is something that all of us have the capability to be… that bad bitch you envision yourself as coming to life via sound. That’s what it is for me. A stepping out party for this bad bitch I always knew was inside me and now has the floor whenever you’re tuning into these 4 tracks. — Wreckno

After much creative deliberation, Hypernatural was defined (but feel free to make it your own).

Hypernatural: The highest degree of expressing one’s natural self, in what ever form one chooses.

Listen below, watch their tripped-out music video, and scroll down for the full interview, plus tour dates.

Super Future & Wreckno – Hypernatural EP

Hypernatural (Official Music Video)

Video Credit: @illeythekid

Super Future: The sound I wanted to use this inspiration with didn’t come to life until I saw my first Wreckno set and I was like, “OH SHIT SHE LIKES THAT SASSY BASS!!” I had song ideas flowing over the next few nights and that’s where “BOUT ME” was born back in April. We kept in touch because I really wanted to tap into this energy he has in his sets and transform it into music… that kinda tends to happen too, music is created as an extension of the vibes you curate in a DJ set I think. So as Brandon decided to try rapping more, I was more encouraged to write beats for it! We ended up trying to show people this energy for the first time at a big afterparty in Detroit and when he did the live rap the crowd LOST ITTT. We had to keep this music theme going!

When it came tome to decide on a tour theme and name to accompany all the music we kept making together, I remembered the trip I had back at Forest for the theme, and it felt like THIS felt like nature, but beyond what normal nature is. Jungle sounds, weird noises, wild lyrics and sassy bass music energy… to me, it was a self-expression revolution that had to be part of the whole theme! From there, we tied Hypernatural to our theme, which we decided it means: “The highest degree of expressing one’s natural self, in what ever form one chooses.”

Wreckno: So, I’d say my version of Hypernatural’s sound and what it means to me… it’s limitless and powerful. If you listen to each track, none of them sound the same in my opinion. At least in regards to bass music. I’m extremely proud of that part. Ummm personal side note for me, this EP means so much more than just putting content out. I have been writing raps since I was 16 and I actually wrote the rap for signal when I was 16 in Manistee, Michigan. I was technically “Wreckno” already but not really. I wrote that just to create, for the sake of creating. It became a freestyle that I engrained in my brain and would pull out at parties lol… to finally see it get its shine is legit monumental to me. Nick has been so instrumental in me getting to actually become the artist/performer I want to be because of his willingness to include my vocal ideas. I haven’t had that with anyone else I’ve worked with so far. 

Upcoming Hypernatural Tour Dates

2/28 – Main St. Bar, Toledo, OH
2/29 – Platforms Club – Providence, RI
3/3 – Dubday – NYC
3/8 – Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, FL
3/10 – The Black Box – Denver, CO
3/13 – The White Mule – Columbia, SC
3/20 – Lamasco’s – Evansville, IN
3/21 – Mad Frog – Cincinnati, OH
4/26 – ??????
5/16 – ??????

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