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I just thought I’d jump in here with a little update on, well, where the hell I’ve been.

In a couple of days, it will be four weeks since I had surgery. I thought I’d only need a week or two off from posting, but boy oh boy, I’m still having pain and, oof, I’m exhausted. For those who don’t know, I had my uterus and several large (thankfully, benign) tumors removed. The incision was much larger than expected, about 10 inches across my abdomen, and there were a few complications during recovery. ANYWHO, I realize this is way too much information, but thought I should share in case you were wondering where my daily posts had gone. That said, I’ve been on Instagram 24/7 sharing artists’ work, their process videos, and whatever else I can find! If you want a daily dose of art, I’d suggest following along over there for the next little bit. Honestly, I’m not sure how many people even come to this site anymore? Anyone? Anyone? Are you there?

I will be back here with regular posts once my energy comes back. I’m bored out of my mind, but too tired to care. Thanks for hanging in there with me! ~ Danielle xo

STUFF TO DO {if you’re as bored as I am}:

1. I have a Skillshare class that launched in early June that I’d LOVE for you to check out… it’s all about creative breakthroughs thanks to aha moments I’ve experience from other artists like Amy Sherald, Wayne White, Ashley Longshore, Kate Bingman-Burt, Terrence Payne, Kirstin Lamb, Sarah Gee Miller, and Mark Bradley-Shoup. I’m really proud of it, and I hope it brings you an aha moment… or 8!

2. The image above is from my latest sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. My theme is “Mother Nature during Quarantine”, and I’m using pressed flowers that I picked on walks this spring in combo with found images. You can do one too, if you wanna! Check them out right here.

3. I’ve started a collaboration with Joseph Gordon Levitt‘s, HITRECORD! The first project is a collective collage. I’m working on two pieces reallllllllly slowly, but they’re coming along. Again, feel free to join in on this if you’re looking for something to do during this weird, socially distanced summer.

4. I haven’t announced this officially, but I’m also at the VERY beginning of gathering tidbits for a short documentary I want to make. Again, this is through HITRECORD. It’s all about the impact teachers have had on your creative life… both good and bad impacts {you know which story I’ll be contributing, yes?}.  I’d love for you to contribute your story to this project! Check it out right here.

5. And I can’t not mention this… my kids’ book, “How To Spot An Artist – This Might Get Messy” is available for preorders and will be on shelves all over the world on September 1, 2020. I had a huge book tour planned which, of course, is on hold now. I’m disappointed, but the second we’re allowed to travel safely again, you better believe I’m going everywhere and reading this to every single art kid (young and old!). psst… Canada, you can find it at Chapters or; Australians, it’s on FishPond; Europe, check your big book chains or THANK YOU!

/// 07.05.2020

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